What's an e-ducat? Our community currency, explained

Meet ED, our community currency: he's an orange kitty who represents one hour of volunteer work toward a pro-public education cause or candidate.
(By pro-public education, we mean that public education is a public good that must continually be improved and strengthened to deliver on its promise of universal, just, equitable, free learning available to all. Equity in resources, in teacher quality, facilities, equipment, access, curriculum, and relevancy are all part of this public good. Transparency, good governance/local control, and accountability to publicly-elected officials are non-negotiable.)

A ducat is an old-fashioned name for a gold coin. (Dubloon was too long to fit on the cat, and too pirate-y.) "E" stands for electronic or virtual, since there are no actual ducats changing hands.

We believe that volunteer hours spent canvassing, socializing on social media, phonebanking, and chatting up your friends and colleagues and public officials as you advocate for public education are worth their weight in gold.

Since our current political system really only recognizes money, we felt it was time to make VISIBLE all the volunteer hours pro-public education advocates lavish on their local schools, school districts, and state and federal lawmakers as these grassroots volunteers advance the cause of a quality public education for every child.

So the ED is a form of time-based currency. We hope that by announcing a rich treasure trove of volunteer hours pledged to a candidate, for example, that we can re-assert the power of the authentic grassroots volunteer who willingly gives her or his time to promote common goods. This is how we fight back against the flood of money posing as "speech." This is how we take back power from a system that's out of kilter, and start demanding that the political world recognize valuable volunteer time spent mobilizing for education justice in the form of e-ducats.